About Intentional Creativity

Dr. Uma’s Story:

As my life is a continue quest for learning, growing, opening and loving, I found myself at the beginning of 2013 going into a divorce after 25 yrs in that relationship.  My world cracked open in a way that was not expected and yet I knew it was an opportunity to look deeply at myself and to grow.  Possibilities were endless and the world was open.  I do not believe that things happen by chance and with guidance I found Shiloh Sophia  and the Color of Woman Method.

Each painting was an exploration of parts of the soul and the inner parts of me that were hidden, were wounded, and/or were cut off at earlier times in my life.  An example of this might be as a 6 year old, full of exuberance and delight and someone says “be quiet, you are too much, too loud, too exuberant” and so we cut that part of ourselves off so we “fit in” and make someone happier with us.

During the course we gave inquiry to areas of our lives that were important and looked at how we wanted to go forward, how we wanted to show up each day.  The process allowed for each student to look at ways to heal herself which allowed each of us to add to healing the world we live in.

I hope you enjoy the Soul Compass Art show (my pieces are after the 7 minute mark)

The following are excerpts from a note written by  Maestra Shiloh Sophia, The Founder of Color of Woman about the above Soul Compass Art Show:

Welcome to this inspiring collection of paintings created by the Color of Woman Class participants of 2013.

The theme of their show is Soul Compass, which represents a journey into navigating their own soul terrain. Soul Compass is a concept is about finding ones way – to the inner world and expressing it externally onto the canvas. As you can see from the work, the symbols, the colors, the patterns, the emotions and the inquiries these women have traveled into new territory. Often we don’t know who we really are – and are looking for ways to discover ourselves and the direction/s that is truly aligned with our own soul’s purpose. The concept of compass has to do with FINDING one’s way, from the inside.

Each of these woman came into the training with a desire to serve her own creative unfolding, as well as serve others as a teacher. She used Intentional Creativity as her tool to probe her own depths and see what wisdom might be waiting for her there. In this work we have an understanding that because of creating with intention we have access to our own content, and often, information we didn’t have access to before.

Each class that completes the Color of Woman brings something new to healing of our world, their personal worlds and families, and to the training, that didn’t exist before. These paintings have come into being and document the story of these women’s lives over their 9 month journey. These women are courageous women of soul who are bringing their lights out to share with those they choose to serve, what we call, The Beloveds.

I am overjoyed to be able to share their creations with you! …Less than a year ago none of these paintings existed…

With a red thread of hope extended around the globe,
Maestra Shiloh Sophia

Founder of the Color of Woman School