*About the Artist*

Creating Joy in Our Lives

We can create whatever we want in our lives!  I choose to create JOY!  As it turns out,

Uma with teacher Paul Heussenstamm

my parents gave me the middle name of “Joy” at birth.  It finally has come full circle where I embrace the prophetic nature of the name.

As I look back over my life I see a thread of creativity and I see the mandala showing up here and there – really not even knowing the word “mandala” for a long time.  I painted, quilted, drew, “threw” pots (pottery), made stained glass art, and more…all feeding my creative side.

Meanwhile in my early 20’s I became more aware of the spiritual side of my being.  I started exploring meditation, learned to do yoga, became much more aware of nutritional factors and health.  I traveled to India to continue my studies there, and upon returning to the states, I was co-owner of the Institute of Yogic Culture in Southern California. I spent the next few years teaching yoga, meditation, vegetarian cooking and massage classes through the mid to late 1970’s.

1979 found me at Western States Chiropractic College where I got my chiropractic degree (D.C.), and later added an acupuncture certification to it.  I have been a founder partner and practitioner at a Wellness Center in McCall, Idaho for the past 20 + years.  For most of my life I have felt the calling for “helping people to improve the quality of their lives,” and I have fulfilled that mission through the work as a healer.

One day, during September 2009, I walked into a Chopra Center retreat and saw the mandala work of Paul Heussenstamm and it touched the depths of my soul.  After 4 days of being with these paintings every free moment, I spoke to him about the workshops he offered.  As it turned out he was coming to Idaho in 2 weeks for a workshop at Art and Soul of Idaho. It was a transforming moment and I became more intimately connected with the mandala — never looking back – only going deeper and deeper into the center.  Now I spend every moment possible painting and sharing the mandala. It continues to feed my soul.

I see my life having come full circle in many ways.  In addition to healing through Dr. Uma’s Healing and Creative Arts Center I now see myself offering healing in an additional way, allowing the mandala and other Creative Visionary work to support the healing.  Whether it be with art work on someone’s wall, or facilitating a workshop – the mandala and Visionary Art heal in many ways.  It is a “joy” to share this art with all who it touches.

As a mother of 2, and a grandmother of 1 – I deeply feel the need to adding love and healing to our planet – not only for us and for our families to come – but for all people, all beings – including Mother Earth Herself.

May you “en-joy” our site, the mandala and the other visionary art included here..  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at uma@mandalas4joy.com.