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An exquisite collection of Mandala artwork, guiding you toward insight, creativity, and mindfulness.” Each card and print have an insightful quotation and each 5″ x 7″ card is lightly embellished.

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I went for a bike ride yesterday.

In itself, not too spectacular.  However it gave me great perspective on how we compare ourselves to others.  And – yes – How I compare myself to others.  Yesterday’s ride was about 8 miles.  As I thought of that it occurred to me that if I said that to some of my friends they would say “WOW!  That seems like a long ride.” And yet other friends might think to themselves (if they don’t verbalize it) “not too impressive – I went for 40 miles today.”

Why is it that as human beings we so often feel the need to compare ourselves to others?

Who do we compare ourselves to and why?  There will always be someone who “appears” better and someone who “appears” less.  Even if someone is “the best in the world in a given area – isn’t  it really only for that moment?  Someone else will be “better” in another moment or another day.”

This led me to thinking of many areas that many of us compare ourselves:

“They have a better marriage that we do”

“She has a better figure than I do”

“He has a better job than me”

“They have a nicer house than we do”

“She is a better painter than me”

Their children are more spectacular than mine”

Oh this list could go on and on.  What if we found joy in where we are and if comparison is needed – we compare to our own selves.

Was 8 miles a big ride?  No not especially. However, when I look at it was 8 miles more than yesterday, and that I enjoyed the ride – it was a great ride.  It even inspired me to ride again today  – it felt so good again that I want to ride tomorrow.

It is said that Theodore Roosevelt is quoted as saying “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  I didn’t hear hear him say it — but I do believe whoever said it was totally right.  When we compare ourselves to others, we know all the dirt and difficulties that surround the situation in our life and for some silly reason we choose to compare to someone else’s life when we have only the superficial knowledge of what the truth is for them.  Hardly a reasonable thing to compare to.

There is the old adage of “you never know what goes on behind closed doors” and yet that is often what we compare to.

Instead – I challenge you,  (I challenge Myself )– to look at the good in your life.  Find the positive.  Find the joy.  Create the life you want without worrying if it measures up to some absurd comparison.  In this way – we create the world to be a better place to live – a place filled with more joy.

Peace and blessings.


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