Menu of Offerings

Menu of Offerings

Whole Body Wellness Care – When the body is in balance it has a greater chance of healing itself.  Dr. Uma addresses the Whole Body to support the body in it’s quest to reestablish balance.  She and the patient work together as a team in finding what the body needs to regain health.  one of more of the following modalities may be used:

Chiropractic Manipulation – There are many forms and styles of chiropractic – each endeavoring to restore neuro-musculo-skeletal balance (nerves, muscles and bones).  Dr. Uma uses a variety of styles depending on the needs of the patient and the injury and/or imbalance present.  The options and techniques are discussed with the patients before treatment is performed.

Acupuncture – As in the chiropractic description above, there are a number of styles and techniques used in acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture can be performed with or without needles (acupressure).  Generally  Dr. Uma performs an EMI (Electro Meridian Imaging) computerized test to gain access information regarding the meridian (acupuncture channel) imbalances.  The results of the EMI is discussed with the patient to offer information of how the symptoms the patient may be experiencing connect to the imbalances of the meridians and thus giving an understanding as to which acupuncture points may be used.

One on One Health and Wellness Coaching –  Dr. Uma works with patients and clients locally and from afar with health and life style issues through the coaching aspect to her practice.  These interactions are held in the office or by phone or Skype.  A number of options are available such as a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month program – each containing individual and group sessions, educating and empowering the client/patients to take charge of their life and health to enjoy the life they are wanting to live.  A free 15 minute call with Dr. Uma is offered to discuss if this is the best option for the patient.  Some samples of programs are:

6 Months to Living Pain Free at your Ideal Weight

6 Months to Living the life You Desire – Filled with Joy and Purpose

12 Months to Creating a life of Mind Body and Spirit balance.

Intentional Creativity/Healing Art/Mandala Workshops – through the creative process we are able to access information that is not accessed in other ways.  In one to one sessions or group workshops the individual connects with the inner parts of themselves (the Muse, the Wise One, S/He Who Knows) to gain information that is expressed on canvas or paper.  No experience is necessary to benefit from this amazing healing process.

Health Evaluations –  Dr. Uma undertook extensive studies to gain a “Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists” status.  As a result she offers complete and thorough health exams, including though not limited to complete physicals, Women’s exams, and school physicals.  Through this approach she is able to discuss with the patient what her findings and recommendations are – including if a referral needs to be pursued.

Bloodwork – a critical part of a complete physical exam – blood work is an amazing MAP of the internal body.  Dr. Uma is able to draw blood in the office and send it to a standard, local lab for results.  She then interprets the results looking in terms of ideals and healthy realms, rather than “lab norms” that cover 90 % of the population.  Unfortunately more than 10 % of the population is unhealthy or out of balance and thus when true Medical recommended values are used, she and the patient are more likely to restore balance before the body is so far out of ideal range that it takes a longer period of time to return to a healthy status.

NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique – Instead of covering allergy symptoms with drugs, NAET is an effective process that eliminates the allergic reaction of the body to a substance -whether it be food or environmental agents.

 Nutritional Evaluation and Diet Counseling –  “As we eat — so we are”  thus Dr. Uma works with patients to evaluate the content of what goes in the mouth to increase the likelihood of having the results we want – health, energy, vitality, weight balance, etc.

Hormone Evaluation – saliva and/or blood tests are utilized as indicated to evaluate hormonal balances or imbalances.

Initial Free 15 minute Consultation –When desired to see if this is a fit for you.  Call 208.343.5532  to set a time for your free consultation.